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We are a public and multidisciplinary research center dedicated to cutting-edge research in advanced functional materials, pursuing excellence in the generation and transfer of knowledge, and in the development of scientific and technical tools and methodologies. 

Our aim is to create new knowledge and innovative solutions in some of the biggest and more complex challenges athat our society currently faces: materials for a clean and secure energy, materlas for low-cost electronics, ang materials for smart nanomedicine.

We are a CSIC center located at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Campus, surrounded by other research and technological centers and with access to many state-of-the art equipment and scientific facilities. With over 400 members, we are a very attractive place to work for young and experienced researchers.

A Center of Excellence

Severo Ochoa 2020-2023: Smart Functional Materials for a Better Future (FUNFUTURE)

The new Severo Ochoa is enabling ICMAB to increase its international competitiveness and international visibility. The consolidation of the Communication and Outreach, Knowledge Transfer and Strategic Managing Units, started with the first Severo Ochoa label, are instrumental to that respect. Belonging to the SOMMa Alliance is also promoting more synergies with other centers, also enhancing the impact and visibility of our activities.

With this Severo Ochoa Project, we continue our competitive calls to develop high-risk interdisciplinary internal projects (Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects), which result in new and proof-of-concept topics, and helps keeping our research at the forefront of materials science. We granted seven FIPs in the first call. The publications and patents that emerge from this initiative are a seed for future larger projects to consolidate cross-cutting research.

We continue to reinforce our scientific platforms and to develop talent attraction programs at all levels (Postdoc, PhD, Master, Undergraduate projects, etc) and training programmes for our young researchers. With this new Severo Ochoa, we are attracting both highly talented researchers and committed support research staff from all over the world to our Institute.

The ICMAB 2020-2023 Strategic Plan in the field of advanced functional materials for a better future is so far generating multiple academic and industrial collaborations and is allowing our research to be more international and competitive. In addition, we are training a good number of competitive professionals that will be inserted in the Spanish R+D+i system.

Overall, we are in the way of having a fruitful adventure and consolidating our Institute, while also opening new opportunities.


ICMAB Awards

ICMAB is the first H2020 CSIC Institute in number of IPs (49) and in funding (30.1 M€) 

The Nanomol Group accredited with the TECNIO certificate for the third time

Researcher Awards

Receives recognition to his scientific career in the area of Chemistry from the Catalan Chemistry Society (SCQ)

Awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Research Award

becomes a member of the Academia Europea

Is awarded the 2021 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Magnetism
Awarded with a Leonardo Grant to develop innovative scientific projects
Awarded with a Leonardo Grant to develop innovative scientific projects
Joins the Young Academy of Europe

Communication Awards

The Matheroes: supermaterials of the future project is selected as an innovative action by FECYT

Awarded with the International Battery Association (IBA) Research Award

Becomes the new Vicepresident of the ACCC

Tech Transfer Awards

Gold medal at Pro Invent 2020 for an ICMAB patent to obtain a flexible electrode

ICMAB patent to obtain a flexible electrode receives a second Gold Medal at INVENTICA 2021

Young Researchers Awards

Best Poster Awards at ElecMol 2021

Best Poster Awards at ElecMol 2021

CIBER-BBN awards Eduardo Pérez del Río for his work on 3D materials for immunotherapy

Winner at the GEFES Research Awards for Undergraduate Students 2021 for her work in neouromorphic computing
Best Poster Prize at the UAB PhD in Chemistry Doctoral Workshop 2021 for her presentation on luminescent systems for imaging
Awarded with the IEC Sant Jordi award for his Master's project


The Institute secured a total budget of 14.3 M€ in 2021. The competitive budget represents a 62 % (8,9 M€) and 34% is non-competitive (from CSIC) (4.9 M€). The budget from the European Union represents a 33 % of the competitive funding (2,96 M€), and 56 % of the competitive budget comes from projects from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (5,07 M€). This is larger than previous years due to the EU Next Generation post-pandemic calls.

The budget from private sources (including contracts and services) represents a 3 % of the total budget (0.46 M€).

From the evolution of our funding over the years, we can see that there is a clear increase from 2017 that remains around the 14-15 M€. The Severo Ochoa project has allowed us to be more attractive for projects, calls, researchers and contracts, involving more European projects and ERC grantees choosing ICMAB to develop their research.

  • Non-competitive public funding: 4.913.284,06 €   Competitive public funding: 8.951.430,37 €  Private funding: 464.480,19 €

  • European funding: 2.961.176,5    Other international funding: 510.000     Spanish funding: 5.017.633,95    Catalan funding: 462.619,92


  • Anna May ,
  • José Antonio Gómez ,
  • Artur Martínez ,
  • Albert Moreno
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